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It is more blessed to give than to Receive.

Have you heard that saying?   We want to give and hope you will join us in this!  We have sponsored 22 families from the Lac Du Flambeau Indian Reservation in Northern, WI.  Select a child to sponsor/shop for. After you have finished shopping please drop your gifts off at the Tree farm.  We will coordinate and our elves will deliver the present to the children.  There is also an option to let those same elves do the shopping for you. Let’s fill these families with the hope of this season!

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Brooklynn 14yo girl, Jo'Lynn 7yo girl, Kierra 8yo girl, King 4yo boy, 2yo girl, John 8yo boy, Lukas 7yo boy, Mia 7yo girl, Malachi 9yo boy, Montell 10yo boy, Merik 12yo boy, Marcus 13yo boy, Corey 8yo boy, Kiera 6yo girl, Boycee 9yo boy, Madeline 12yo girl, Tristan 2yo boy, Beverly 12yo girl, Bishop 10yo boy, Herbert 7yo boy, Derek 6yo boy, 2yo girl, Guy 6yo boy, Oliver 5yo boy, Jonathan 9yo boy, Orion 5yo girl, Ian 14yo boy, Dallas 13yo boy, Daela-joi 11yo boy, Daely-Jem 9yo girl, Daenyris 7yo girl, Derin 2yo boy, Theresa 4yo girl, Keanu 10yo boy, Wade 10yo boy, Hayzelyn 9yo girl, Julieanna 6yo girl, Josh 12yo boy, Hazel 10yo girl, Gal 2yo girl, Xander 13yo boy, Havannah 14yo girl, Steve 6yo boy, Lee 10yo boy, Lauren 11yo boy, Shelby 14yo girl, Donald 15yo boy, Phoenix 12yo girl, Isaiah 4yo boy, Kanen 4yo boy, Josiah 6yo boy, Jaiden 6yo boy, Thomas 11yo boy, Johnathan 10yo boy, Frank 14yo boy, Sophia 12yo girl, Lilyauna 7yo girl, Adelena 9yo girl, Kaiyett 3yo boy, Jospeh 12yo boy, Alden 10yo boy, Sharon Lee 9yo girl, Edward 8yo boy, Daryl 6yo boy, Ryan 1yo boy, Jayleigh 11yo girl, Jed Jr 4yo boy, Jett 4yo boy, Jaxxson 3yo boy, Connor 11yo, Noah 9yo, Curtis 5, Roland 2yo, Tayiah 13yo, Taitum 10yo, Talon 8yo, Leona 7yo, Donation


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