Tree Care Tips

 Did you know that your tree has been nurtured for many years? Each season it has been shaped by hand to produce a full and beautiful shape.

During its development it has:

  • Cleansed the air

  • Provided the living world oxygen

  • Habitat for wildlife

  • Increased underground water supplies

  • Beautified the landscape.

When a tree is cut at least four seedlings are planted in its place and the land it has been growing on gets rejuvenated!

Tree Care Tips for You:

  • Keep your tree in a sheltered area until you are ready to put it up.

  • Before placing in stand make sure to take a fresh cut off the bottom of the stump. A 1/2 inch slice will do.

  • Before adding your lights, Check all wiring on lights, replace any broken bulbs or frayed cords.

  • Place your tree away from heat ducts and other heat sources, these will make your tree dry up faster.

  • Water your tree right away and closely monitor the water level during the first day or so, this is when the tree drinks the most. Water daily. Hot water seems to work the best.