Goldens and Friends

Nothing about the farm would be complete with out mentioning the Tree Farm Goldens. For over 30 years we have had golden retrievers at the farm. At first it was one, then it was two, now it is 10. Each has his or her own personality and they take their public relations job very seriously. They will ride the wagon with you or walk the farm with you. Some of our customers even know all the dogs names. After the loss of our 13 year old Gunther, we wanted another dog, but couldn’t do a Golden yet, so we bought a Bernese Mountain dog puppy.  He has been really fun and is much like a Golden in personality.  So now we have a different colored dog running around the farm.  We also breed our dogs and so at times puppies are available for cuddling. We love our dogs, so we hope that you will enjoy visiting with our furry friends!