Photography Guidelines

Williams Tree Farm welcomes professional and amateur photography on the farm. However, as a private business and personal property, any and all professional or amateur, non-commercial photographers and their clients must understand and adhere to the following policies and rules. These policies and rules have been established to allow an enjoyable experience for all our guests.

Photographer (Professional/Amateur/family) Policy Responsibilities:
• Families/Photographers must request permission before setting any client dates or arriving at the farm. We reserve to refuse permission and access to the farm
• Families/Photographer must fill out reservation form prior to the photography session
• Families/Photographer must communicate policy rules to their clients prior to photo session.
• Families/Photographers without permission, and in violation of any part of policy, of will be asked to leave immediately.

Photographer Policy Rules:
• Reservations & Payment- Online Only no walk-ons
• Check-in: Photographers need to check in each day upon arrival regardless of whether they have prepaid.
• We will create a map with each photographer’s location, upon check-in.
• If you set up close to the entrance, we will direct your clients to walk to your location.
• With over 900 Acres, There may be a maximum of 25 photographers on any given day.   There are plenty of tree fields, so finding a suitable location should not be an issue.
• Only one photographer is permitted per booking
• Any assistants may help with the current shoot, but may not conduct an independent shoot unless an additional reservation is purchased.
• Provide a list of assistants if not arriving together
• Only One vehicle per photographer is permitted to drive into the field on designated days, and may remain parked there for the duration of your shoot, but should not drive back and forth to the parking lot during your time.
• Your Vehicle can not block any of the lanes
• Do not block the Tractor driving lanes when parking your vehicle.
• Must display photographer sign (given at check-in on your vehicle)
• Provide a list of clients for the day
• The client list will need to have First & Last Names as well as a phone number (per covid-19 guidelines)
• Clients will check in at the Gift Shop upon arrival. We will greet them, direct them to the restrooms if needed, and send them to your chosen location.
• They should be encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes early as transportation by tractor is sometimes slow or not provided. Not available all the time, we will let you know a few days before your reservation if they will be running so you can let your clients know and plan accordingly.  
• Pets are permitted at our location, and may board the hayride as well
• Guests must keep their pets on leash at all times & clean up after them.
• Tractor transportation will be running almost continuously On our Open to the public days until 4:30 pm.Not available all the time, we will let you know a few days before your reservation if they will be running so you can let your clients know and plan accordingly.  
• The driver will be looking for waiting groups who are finished and will stop to pick them up whenever he sees them on his route.
• Clients are welcome to walk in from your location when they are finished, and are not required to wait for the tractor.
• Mini-sessions must be at least 30 min
• Please be mindful of holes and guests in the field, and stay clear of the background of other photographers.
• Our Retail Operation takes precedence over photography sessions. Those not following this policy may be asked to put their equipment away or leave the farm.
• Any and all activities at the farm are at your own risk