Kenya Trip


Embark on a journey of purpose and discovery by sponsoring a transformative trip to Kenya with Williams Tree Farm. This unique opportunity allows you to be a part of a meaningful mission, as a dedicated team from Williams ventures to the heart of Africa to lend a hand at Kijani Farm. Join us in sowing seeds of change and growth in Kenya, where every contribution blossoms into lasting impact.

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What is Kijani Farm?

Kijani Farm is a gospel-centered community development ministry in southern Kenya. Our mission is to inspire hope and create opportunity for the Maasai communities who have been denied basic resources for healthy living in the past. The vision of our ministry is to see the first generation of a thousand generations come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

To be effective in our calling, we serve the Maasai people by providing clean water, access to medical help, educational resources, job training, and most importantly the chance to hear about Jesus’ Gospel news. These areas of focus create the framework of Kijani Farm to help without creating dependency.

Kijani Farm is an intimate ministry that is going an inch wide and a mile deep into the Maasai community, investing heavily into the people. None of this would be possible without those who generously give, and the relationship with our donors is essential to generational transformation.